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Bespoke Maritime Seating. Melanie produced winning seat designs for this high quality redevelopment scheme in Cumbria, working with BDP Landscape Architects.

The ‘Fin Seats’ were designed for the harbour’s main promenade, the seat’s substantial cast bronze support and back is evocative of a whales tail or anchor. Each seat is unique with cast-in lettering, to explain the towns historical events.

The ‘Harbour Seats’, sited along the Lime Tongue have a cast aluminium base representative of a Capstan. This incorporates a porthole light and hand modelled bronze plaque. Each plaque depicts an image of a particular trade associated with the town.

The ‘Compass Seat’ is installed at the foot of the harbour’s focal point the ‘Crow’s Nest’. Bronze compass points on the seat are orientated true to north, as you sit looking outward, the surrounding bronze elements, attached to the hand rail, tell of distant places also associated with the harbour.

Client: W3M Charitable Foundation

Date: 2000

Completed whilst working for Broadbent

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