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'Seasons' water feature

Melanie designed the elements that embellish a 100 metre long granite water feature by BDP Landscape Architects, for ‘Cathedral Gardens’ in central Manchester, next to the Urbis Centre. Features include thirty hand sculpted bronzes, interspersed along a shallow rill of water, running the length of the park. Each bronze is unique, telling the story of the changing seasons. A cascade of autumnal leaves begins the journey in the ’Source Pool’, a poem by John Dunne is cast in to their surface in low relief. The flow of water arrives at the ‘Finale Pool’, where four grand posts stand, evocative of timber groynes. The hand modelled bronze and hand carved timber posts, are each representative of one of the seasons. Undulating plumes of water fill the gaps between the posts to create an impressive curving wall of illuminated water.

Client:  Manchester City Council

Date:   2002

Completed whilst working for Broadbent

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