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Growth - Chesterfield 


Melanie, Ryder Landscape Consultants and NT Killingley won a competition to design a gateway sculpture for Chesterfield. The team have now built their design entitled 'Growth' on the busy Hornsbridge Island at one of the major gateways into to the town.


The design celebrates Chesterfield's strong industrial heritage, whilst also looking forward, towards the town's future growth and development. A large Weathering Steel, spoked feature (representing a 'wheel' or 'cog') appears to grow out of the landscape, symbolising industry, the spokes twist upwards at the centre to form an opening flower - representing the town's growth and future, which is yet to unfold. The sculpture stands approximately 8 m tall and is 8 m wide.


The design of the 'flower' is influenced by the flower of the Pomegranate Tree, which features on the town's coat of arms. The eight petals relate to the eight twisting facets of the town's famous spire and also represent the eight community areas that make up Chesterfield. Eight sculptural dry stone walls radiate out from the roots of the artwork, blending the sculpture with it's setting.


The inside of the opening 'flower petals' have a satin polished, stainless steel finish, contrasting with the outer weathering steel, bringing brightness and 'life' to the inside of the opening artwork. In the centre, a cluster of polished stainless steel 'anther' (pollen) reach upwards. Lighting beneath and within the structure will give a different, night time effect of the sculpture. The sculpture was manufactured by Chris Brammall Ltd.


Client: Chesterfield Borough Council


Date: 2014


Completed whilst working at MelanieJacksonDesign​​



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