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Clay Cross Artwork - Melanie Jackson
Sketch Concepts, Clay Cross Marke
Sketch Concepts, Clay Cross Marker
Concept sketches for the design


Clay Cross

Commissioned by Aldi, the brief was to come up with a bespoke art feature for Clay Cross, Chesterfield.


The inspiration for the artwork was taken from the town's rich industrial heritage - the town has a unique character having many brick built domed ventilation shafts, serving the underground tunnel and railway line below, built by George Stephenson. 


Standing approximately 4 meters tall and 0.8 meters wide, the feature is reminicent of polished, railway tracks. As well as reflecting the town's past, the feature's uplifting design reaching skywards, also reflects the town's ambition, development  and onward journey into the future. In-ground LED lights illuminate the structure at night.


The artwork is entitled 'Progress'.

Further info:

Client: Aldi

Date: 2018

Completed whilst working at MelanieJacksonDesign​​



Clay Cross Artwork - Melanie Jackson
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