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In 1997, Melanie completed a Design Degree in Liverpool, specialising in furniture, she then worked for public sculptor Stephen Broadbent, then based in Liverpool and later Chester. Melanie gained a substantial portfolio of completed projects over a seven year period working for Stephen, including; integrated art with landscape, bespoke street furniture, hand crafted plaques and awards, unique signage, water features and large public sculpture.


In 2005 Melanie joined environmental consultants Ferguson McIlveen in Chester, acting as in-house artist and designer for their many landscape/architectural and engineering teams around the UK. In 2006 Scott Wilson took over the company and Melanie relocated to their Chesterfield office, then in 2010, URS Corporation aquired the business, being a large international environmental consultants.


During another seven year period working for these companies, Melanie completed many more successful artwork projects and learned greater knowledge of Landscape Design, Engineering, Adobe software and AutoCAD. 


In 2011 Melanie decided she would like to start working on a freelance basis, so set up her own business 'Melanie Jackson Design', the business is now based in Chesterfield.


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